Starting a business requires hard work, resilience, and attention to detail

Before I started this business I owned a stonemason business that specialized in dry stone walls- walls that didn’t use any mortar. I loved the work but wanted to do something that paid more and I could do when my body could no longer lift rock.

I started the new business, which rates and recommends people for jobs around the house in Latin America. It’s like Angie’s List. It grew really quickly with a lot of expats wealthy people using it. As I reflected on the new business I could see the similarities between growing a business and building walls.

Both require enormous patience.

Both need a firm foundation to grow and become robust.

Both need you to go one step at a time; there are few, if any shortcuts.

Both need vision.

Both need perseverance.

Both require you pick yourself when things go wrong.

Both can give you enormous pride and satisfaction.

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