We didn't know enough about technology to manage our website development

We built our first website ourselves. It looked really cool and was informative. It couldn’t accept payments but that didn’t matter as we used mobile banking. It wasn’t very stable and would crash every now and then. But it was cheap.

As the business grew, we needed our website to do more. We wanted to know how people navigated the site and we wanted to introduce live chat so we could deal with service issues. We had $5000 to spend and eventually found a company in Russia that would do the work.

From the start it was obvious to me that we didn’t have the skills to manage the project, even though it was small. They kept asking do you want to do XYZ and we would say yes.

This first invoice came in and it was already $3750 and we weren’t even half way through. We questioned them and they said it was what we asked for and approved. Moreover, they built it into the site and it would cost more to take it out.

The second bill was for $8000 and there was more to come. We ended up spending $15K. Then we had to pay to support the site. This was $450 per month for a limited number of hours of development. We now have a list of over 45 things we need done and aren’t sure how we’re going to pay for all of it.