Building a business is more challenging than building a prototype

I am an engineer by training. I love the precision and certainty of building something like a bridge. It gives me so much satisfaction. We are building a new type of transportable lightweight bridge that can be moved by a light truck. The prototype was a great success, got critical acclaim and is being purchased by the city.

I’m not as comfortable with the business side of things. It’s riddled with uncertainty. I never know what's going to happen next week. We have one order but I don’t know when we will get the second one. I always look at the bank account to see how many days of cash we have left. I keep thinking our chief engineer is going to quit. Our investors are supportive but they always have odd and irrelevant requests. I don’t know if this is meant to help or is a signal that they don’t trust me.

I cannot imagine what life is going to like in a year’s time.