My management style was causing problems for the business

I was a management consultant before starting my own business in my home country. I was very successful – I always delivered on time and held people accountable. I was a machine when it came to work, but I felt like my job owned my life. I had saved a lot of money, got more from friends and family, and decided to start my own business.

I bought a small local manufacturer, bought new machinery and computer systems, and we started to grow very quickly. I knew everything about business and monitored everything that was happening. Nothing happened without me.

As the business grew and became more successful, I worked longer and longer days so I could stay on top of everything. My management team became frustrated as they had to wait for me to make decisions. As we added new people, I felt overwhelmed and like I was losing control.

One day a member of our Advisory Board called me and said I was keeping the business from growing. She said my management team were ready to leave if I continued micro-managing them and needed to control everything. She told me I needed to change or get out.